Songs for the Singing Family

Songs for the Singing Family - cd cover

Mary Alice recorded this album of songs for family and classroom singing. These are great songs for Kindergarten through fourth grade.


  1. Family Alphabet
    from Rick & Judy
  2. When I First Came to this Land
  3. Grandma's Patchwork Quilt
    Larry Penn
  4. I Had an Old Coat
    Paul Kaplan
  5. Mama Buy Me China Doll
  6. Pumpkin Pie
    from the book Family Festivals and Food
  7. This Glorious Food
    Patricia McKenon
  8. The Barnyard Dance
    Karl Martin
  9. Building Bridges
    composed by the women of the Greenham Common peace occupation in England in 1983
  10. Mir Peace
    Lorre Wyatt
  11. Freedom's Child
    source unknown
  12. 1492
    Nancy Schimmel
  13. Dreams to Be
  14. Howjadoo
    Woody Guthrie
  15. One Bright Candle
    Natalie Sleeth
  16. Una Sardina
  17. Mole In the Ground
  18. Christopher Robin
    from Loggins and Messina
  19. Promises to Keep
    words, Robert Frost
  20. When the Rain Comes Down
    Bob Devlin