So Far From Home

piano/SATB - words by Tom Mousin - music by Peter Amidon

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piano/unison - same Tom Mousin words - different music by Peter Amidon

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When Peter Amidon received Tom Mousin's annual advent poem last December he wrote the first unison/piano setting for a Guilford (VT) Community Church, UCC Advent service, and then realized he needed an anthem for the Guilford Community Church Christmas Eve Youth Choir, so he did a second setting of the poem; this one piano/SATB. The recording of the piano/SATB version is by the Starry Mountain Singers; the recording of the piano/unison version is a Finale-music-software-writing-program playback where the oboe plays the vocal part.


So Far from Home
Tom Mousin, 2015

So far from home we make our way together, yet alone.
Behind, the world we know and love, ahead, a new unknown.
We did not choose this time or path, but now as night draws near;
We seek a place of warmth and rest, oh, do not turn in fear!

Some bread, a bed, a birthing stool is what we need tonight.
We stand before your door and knock. Is yours a welcome light?
Yes, I've the heart, the home, the life that opens wide the door,
To greet the stranger, friend or foe that welcomes Christ once more.



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