Love Call Me Home

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a cappella SATB - words and music by Peggy Seeger - arr. Peter Amidon

In the Amidons' book "Twenty-five Anthems for Interfaith & Community Choirs". Sung here by the Hallowell hospice singers. Peggy dedicates this song to the memory of Christine Lassiter. This song perfectly embodies how we can help our friends and family in their final weeks and days. Here it is sung by Peggy Seeger, and here is Peggy Seeger's homepage.


Love Call Me Home
by Peggy Seeger
© 2001 Peggy Seeger,
administered by Bucks Music, London UK

When the waters are deep, friends carry me over
When I cry in my sleep love call me home.

Time, ferry me down the river, friends carry me safely over
Life, tend me on my journey, love call me home.

When the waters are cold, friends carry me over
When I'm losing my hold, love call me home.

When I'm weary and cannot swim friends carry me over
Open your arms and take me in, love call me home.

Take the gift I bring, friends carry me over
Deep within me life is singing, love call me home.

Life offers a chance for friends to carry us over
Time can stop or dance forever, love call me home.

Tags: hospice, secular, a cappella, funerals